From the president

This Monday (Group A and C) and Wednesday (Group B) our cooperative will be voting on our Executive Board for the 2017-18 school year. Per our governing rules this vote must occur, but we do have open positions still. The spot of President and Vice President are both open and will need to be filled as soon as possible. The vote will have a write-in option, but no one is listed for the President or Vice President positions. Our Bates Coordinator, Amy McKey will help the new board navigate this situation, but we do need people to volunteer. Committees, Group C Group Leader, and Fundraising are the other board positions that are currently open.
Along with voting on Monday and Wednesday, the end-of-the-year survey will be in your box. Please take time to fill out this form. Your input is invaluable.
Please feel free to email me or connect with your group leader if you have any questions.
Best, Shauna

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