Upcoming Parent Education Opportunities

Upcoming Parent Education Credit Opportunities:

Appreciation Tea and Coffee hour for Grace Baptist Church           

SUNDAY, MAY 21st 11:30 AM upstairs in the church reception area.


  End of Year Picnic – SATURDAY, JUNE 3RD 10:00 AM-NOON

Franklin Park 1201 S Puget Sound Ave, Tacoma WA 98405


Hello Friends-

I can smell summer right around the corner. It’s bittersweet at best. The school year is almost over. This means that camping trips and pool parties are imminent, but we won’t get to see our Jack-n-Jill friends as often anymore. There will be playdates, and birthday parties, and chance encounters at Costco but story time with Teacher Kim will have to wait until next year.

Still- let’s enjoy the remaining weeks while we have them. And let’s earn those final PARENT EDUCATION CREDITS while we’re at it. Above you’ll see listed the information for the final two events parents and kids can attend to earn credits. If you can’t make these, we understand, be sure to check your email for E-credit opportunities. And if you missed the earlier E-credits, no worries, they never expire. Just complete them now and send me your answers via email. Most E-credits don’t take any more than 15 minutes to read and respond, plus they are chock full of good information. If you have lost the emails I send out so far, let me know and I can resend right away.

Regarding the final two events you can attend in person: The first is our annual Grace Baptist Church Appreciation Tea and Coffee Hour. Each year at this time we like to say thanks to Grace Baptist Church for allowing us to use their space for our pre-school. We ask as many Jack-n-Jill families as possible to come out and show the Church how meaningful the use of the space is to us. We ask that families to sign up to bring a snack if they can- I’ll have sign-up sheets for these items posted next to the check in/check out book at school starting on Monday.

The second event is our annual End of the Year Picnic. This year we’re back at Franklin Park. We’ve reserved the covered patio, the spray ground should be open if the weather is nice, and we’re working on special treat for all Jack-n-Jill families. This is a pot luck event so we’ll have sign-up sheets for this posted next to the check in/check out book starting this Monday as well. Jack-n-Jill will provide the desserts and sweets, please bring healthy snacks or lunch items.

As always if you have any questions regarding these events or the status of your Parent Education Credits, email me: hiroprotagonist@hotmail.com


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