What does Jack & Jill mean to you?


Each of us came to Jack & Jill for different reasons. Each of us experiences Jack & Jill differently.  I’m guessing that we would each be able to share something different that we appreciate about our Co-op experience.  Read on for highlights from a few of our board members.  Please write to newsletter @jacknjill.org to share about your Co-op experience!

Six years ago, we decided to enroll our first child in Jack and Jill.  We were drawn in by the cheap tuition and a chance to start a preschool program at the age of 2.  My actual experience has been so, so much more.  Jack and Jill Co-op has been a community that has enriched our family, allowed our children to flourish in their growth and development, and provided priceless parenting guidance and support for me.  I’m am forever grateful for Teacher Kim and our experience at Jack and Jill Cooperative Preschool.
Proud Mama of Macie and Piper

Jack & Jill is as beneficial for parents as it is as it is for their preschooler. The relationships that I have established with the other parents are truly invaluable. To be able to laugh, commiserate, and share the experience of raising children together is the most incredible thing about Jack & Jill.


Friendship; raw, honest, and silly friendship. As a mother of a preschooler, I can’t hide my frizzled self on Monday mornings. My honest questions and sharing during Parent Shares exposes my vulnerabilities. My reflection of this school year highlights the wonderful friends that I have made and the meaningful friendships that I am cultivating. Jack & Jill Cooperative has connected me to parents that I can walk along side while we all do our best to raise our children. This I am thankful for.

Shauna Mann

We love our Jack & Jill community, the friendships and support that my children and I have gained is amazing. Teacher Kim is a huge role model for my kids and I, she’s simply remarkable.
Jen Tsai
We visited Jack & Jill on the recommendation of a friend.  The opportunity to connect with other parents, many first-timers like us and other more seasoned parents as well, was one of my greatest joys as a new co-op member.  Parent shares – tidbits on child development and bonding from hearing other families’ experiences, reassurances that what we were experiencing was normal (and that hard times were just a normal phase and would pass) – have been some of my favorite moments.   Serving as the school’s treasurer provided an opportunity to learn a new skill and cognitive stimulation after significantly shifting my schedule to spending most of my time with a preschooler.  The friendships made with other board members, during the meetings and more so in the social hours after meetings, will hopefully continue for years to come.  Getting to know my child’s schoolmates and being known by them, watching them all grow and develop their own unique personalities, as been a joy.  This is my family’s sixth and final year at Jack & Jill.  Times haven’t always been perfect, there’s no such thing as a utopia, but we have many happy memories for which we give thanks.
Diana Busch

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