Our school was founded in 1951 as the first cooperative preschool in the North End of Tacoma and was called Mason Cooperative Play Group. In the early years, our school’s members interested in parent education programs traveled to Seattle or Bremerton. Since this was a hardship for them, our Executive Board approached Tacoma’s Vocational Institute (now Bates Technical College) about developing a Home and Family Life department to coordinate Tacoma area cooperative preschools and provide guidance. This was the beginning of the collaborative relationship that exists to this day between Bates Technical College and cooperative preschools in Pierce County. In 1968, our school’s name changed to Jack & Jill Cooperative Nursery School as we know it today. Through the years Jack & Jill has been housed at 3 locations including Mason United Methodist Church, Skyline Presbyterian Church, and its current location on the bottom floor of Grace Baptist Church.