News from the Board

News posts from non-monthly board positions (E.g. health & safety, membership, committees, publicity)

What does Jack & Jill mean to you?

  Each of us came to Jack & Jill for different reasons. Each of us experiences Jack & Jill differently.  I’m guessing that we would each be able to share something different that we appreciate about our Co-op experience.  Read on for highlights from a few of our board members.  Please write to newsletter to share about your Co-op experience! — Six years

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Get out the vote!

Attention all members!  We need to hear from you.  Ballots for the 2017-2018 executive board were available at school this week.  Thank you to the members who filled out and returned ballots.  Unfortunately, we did not hear back from enough members to have a quorum.  Some might feel that it is unnecessary to cast a vote when there is only 1 name for a

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From the president

This Monday (Group A and C) and Wednesday (Group B) our cooperative will be voting on our Executive Board for the 2017-18 school year. Per our governing rules this vote must occur, but we do have open positions still. The spot of President and Vice President are both open and will need to be filled as soon as possible. The vote will have a

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Surveys & Elections

Ballets for the 2017-2018 Jack & Jill Co-op executive board and copies of our end of year 2016-2017 member survey will be available in the foyer this week.  Please pick up forms from, and return them to, your group leader.  Dates and times: Group A – Monday, 5/08, 9:45-11:15, Group C – Monday, 5/08, 12:15-2:45, and Group B – Wednesday, 5/10, 9:45-11:45.

Updates regarding elections, parent shares, and member surveys

The date for group C’s parent share, executive board elections, and member survey has changed.  Note the new date below.  Dates for A & B, also listed below, are unchanged. Group A ~ Thursday, April 27th, 9:45 am Group B ~ Friday, April 28th, 9:45 am Group C ~ Monday, May 1, 12:15 pm (NOTE: new date and day of the week)   Wednesday,

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Elections are coming! Parent Shares are coming!

Election Day is coming!                   Parent Shares are coming! Group C ~ Wednesday, April 19th, 12:15 pm Group A ~ Thursday, April 27th, 9:45 am Group B ~ Friday, April 28th, 9:45 am Our co-op preschool is governed by a volunteer board made up of current members.  Bates Coordinator, Amy Mackey, and teacher, Kim Wilson, serve as advisory

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Daffodil Paradise!

The annual daffodil parade is coming up on Saturday, April 22nd! Jack and Jill Co-op will be participating so bring your preschooler to march in the parade! Be sure to wear your Jack and Jill shirts. More details about the parade are below. Where do I go on the day of the parade? The parade begins at 28th and Proctor and starts at 10am.We have

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All school play date!

Jack & Jill Co-op is taking over The Children’s Museum of Tacoma! This is a FREE event for all current Jack & Jill families.  We will have the place all to ourselves to explore and play on Friday, March 24th from 6-8pm.  There will be a sign-up sheet to reserve a space for your family and for us to have a headcount, but there is plenty

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Heads up!

New Jack and Jill T-shirts can be ordered in March! Be ready to get yours to support and advertise for the school. Maybe your little one has grown in the past few months and is ready for a new one as well?  Wearing a shirt for the Daffodil Parade in April is a great way to show your school spirit! Information about how to get

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Help Restock our Supplies

Some of our member-supplied supplies are running low.  Teacher Kim has asked each of the groups to help provide the supplies listed below to help get us through the end of the school year. Dixie cups – Groups A & B Napkins – Group C 2 rolls of paper towels – All groups Thanks so much for your contributions!