Teacher Kim


Teacher Kim has been a part of the Jack & Jill community for many years. Starting as a parent, she so valued the co-op experience she became a preschool teacher. We have been lucky to have her as an instructor at Jack & Jill for over 20 years. The 2016/2017 school year marks her 22nd year enriching the lives of children and families in our co-op community.

As people enter Jack and Jill it is my hope for them to find an atmosphere that is warm and engaging for themselves and their children. Over the years many families have built life-long friendships that endure through every stage of development in their children’s lives.

It is so important for you to feel that you have a community of support as you engage in the most important job you will ever have – that of a parent. I have always believed that my role here as teacher is one of support and guidance, helping parents understand all areas of development and to prepare our children for a life of growth and learning for both the present and the future.
– Teacher Kim