What Is A Co-op?


A cooperative preschool is a non-profit organization that is operated by parents and elected board officers.  Co-ops in Pierce County are affiliated with Bates Technical College.  Parents work in the classroom on a rotating schedule, averaging twice a month, to assist the teacher and are also enrolled in a parent education program through Bates Technical College. Child Studies instructors from Bates Technical College provide the cooperative preschools with teacher and leadership training, parent education seminars, technical assistance, information, and support.  Parents earn college credits by working in the classroom and attending parenting classes and co-op preschool family events.  The co-op experience enables parents and children to learn together and offers children and their parents the opportunity to be part of a community. For more information about the role of Bates Technical College and the resources it offers please see http://www.bates.ctc.edu/family.